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Jira Administration for Cloud Exam Success

The free study companion to help you earn your ACP-120 certification

This certification prep course will build a foundation of knowledge to pass the ACP-120 exam and earn your ACP-120 Jira Administration for Cloud certification.

  • Objectives necessary to pass your exam successfully

  • Where you have knowledge gaps to formulate your study plan

  • Every exam topic and subtopic from the experts that wrote the exam

  • What you’ll need to know about company-managed and team-managed projects

Use this self-paced, on-demand course as your study companion for 6-8 weeks leading up to your exam. You can return whenever when you need - you can pause, skip, and replay as you need.

You’ll find many examples of best practices.

Resources included to help you succeed

  • Guidelines for what is expected in each section of the exam

  • Comprehensive exam topics checklist with links to the relevant documentation

  • Tips and tricks for exam success – including how to approach the exam questions

  • Technical lectures reviewing every exam topic – by the Atlassian experts who wrote the exam

  • Practice questions with explanations of the correct and incorrect responses

  • Sandbox set-up instructions

  • Sandbox challenges to guide exploration of the exam topics in Jira

  • Trello template (new!) to help you create your own study plan

The included Trello board to create your study plan and keep it organized!
The included Trello board to create your study plan and keep it organized!

Jira Cloud Administrators with experience who intend to take the ACP-120 Jira Administration Exam for Cloud or simply want to improve their skills.

  • You have experience administering Jira Cloud.

  • You can interpret and translate business requirements into product configurations.

  • You’re a guru when it comes to workflows, security, permissions, project schemes, and system settings available through the user interface.

  • You understand features specific to Jira Cloud, including both company and team-managed projects.

  • You grasp how administrative choices affect Jira's scalability and day-to-day manageability.

  • You leverage Atlassian resources and community to help your team implement best practices within Jira.

Exam topics covered

  • Access, permissions, and security (25% - 30% of the exam)

  • General project configuration (10%-15% of the exam)

  • Issue types, fields, and screens (15%-20% of the exam)

  • Workflows and automation (15%-20% of the exam)

  • Notifications (5%-10% of the exam)

  • Advanced user features (10%-15% of the exam)

  • System administration (5%-10% of the exam)

Become fully prepared to earn your ACP-120 certification