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Async Collaboration for Distributed Teams: Course description

Reduce meetings and improve team effectiveness with async tools and techniques

Learn how to keep your remote teammates connecting and collaborating across time zones. Designed by Atlassian’s work futurists, this course helps you unlock the power of async collaboration. Get ready for the latest tips, tools, and best practices you can put in place with your team.

  • How to use async tools and practices to reduce meeting time

  • How to boost the efficiency and engagement of your distributed team

  • How to improve team effectiveness using Atlassian best practices

Did you know you can have fewer meetings, but get more work done?

All you need is to start collaborating asynchronously.

“Async collaboration” is a powerful new approach to teamwork. It helps move projects forward, regardless of your team's time zones or geographic locations. That way, your team can get their work done, all while reducing face-to-face meeting time and freeing up schedules.

Successful async collaboration requires thought, planning, and effort. In this course, that’s what you’re about to learn.

You’ll explore async tools such as Jira Work Management, Confluence, and Atlas. These tools help your team connect, communicate, and collaborate without being in the same physical space. Pair those tools with async tips and tactics to encourage your team to try new ways of working, and make sure they stick.

At the end of the course, you can pass the multiple choice assessment to earn an official Atlassian University badge you can share with your network.

Async collaboration is the future of teamwork. Enroll today to stay ahead of the curve.

Meet your instructor

Photo of Mark Cruth. A modern work evangelist for Atlassian

Mark Cruth is Atlassian’s resident Modern Work expert and evangelist. Focused on practice over theory, Mark spends his days coaching both Atlassian and customer teams on new ways of working.

Team leaders of all types and levels.


  1. Welcome to the course (1 minute)

  2. What is synchronous vs. asynchronous? (5 minutes)

  3. Async alternatives to face-to-face meetings (7 minutes)

  4. Ideation tactics for distributed teams (7 minutes)

  5. Plan and manage your work async (5 minutes)

  6. Use async pre-work to run better meetings (5 minutes)

  7. Replace status meetings with async tools (8 minutes)

  8. Bonus tips (5 minutes)

  9. Practice activity (3 minutes)

  10. Course wrap-up

Start this course now to unlock the power of async collaboration for your team.

Learning Paths