Find your team’s sweet spot

Make informed decisions about current and future projects and deadlines to maximize your team’s productivity and keep morale high. Then, configure and fine-tune reporting and tracking gadgets and dashboards to suit your team’s unique needs.

After this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the key metrics that will propel your team forward.
  • Use Jira reports and insights to quickly identify obstacles that could slow your team’s progress.
  • Follow your team’s progress throughout the sprint and provide project visibility with burndown charts and sprint reports.
  • Make realistic work estimates with velocity charts and control charts.
  • Predict how many sprint’s your team will need to complete a version with a release burndown and take action if you fall behind.
  • Create, customize, or copy dashboards and use wallboards to display important project information.

Tracking and improving DevOps metrics within and across teams is part of a larger Configure Atlassian tools and practices for developer flow learning path.