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Managing Jira Projects for Cloud Certification

Managing Jira Projects for Cloud Certification

Become certified in Managing Jira Projects for Cloud and stand out in your career

This certification showcases Project Admins who are experts at managing and optimizing Jira Software’s Scrum and Kanban projects for their teams. Your purchase comes with a voucher to take your exam plus the Exam Success comprehensive study companion.

When you earn a certification in Managing Jira Projects for Cloud, you show that you can:

  • apply best practices to translate team requirements into robust project configurations

  • recommend project types and templates, based on team’s requirements

  • manage project details

  • manage project users, roles, permissions, and troubleshoot problems

  • configure boards across projects and teams

  • manage versions, components, and issue assignment

  • demonstrate expertise in JQL, reports, dashboards, and gadgets

  • manage issue layout configurations

  • understand Jira software features, such as links, attachments, and time tracking

  • utilize automation to remove the need for manual updates

This Certification is only applicable to users of Cloud implementations of Jira.

Included: the Exam Success study companion to help you earn your certification

You'll also receive the Exam Success course – a self-paced, on-demand study companion.

Students who complete an Exam Success increase their exam score by +6 points on average.

Exam Success resources that help you succeed

  • Guidelines for what is expected in each section of the exam

  • Comprehensive exam topics checklist with links to the relevant documentation

  • Tips and tricks for exam success – including how to approach the exam questions

  • Technical lectures reviewing every exam topic – by the Atlassian experts who wrote the exam

  • Knowledge checks to make sure you understood the technical lecture content

  • Practice questions with explanations of the correct and incorrect responses

  • Sandbox set-up instructions

  • Sandbox challenges to guide exploration of the exam topics in Jira

  • Trello template (new!) to help you create your own study plan

The Trello study board included with the Exam Success
  • Products covered: Jira Software for Cloud

  • Timing: Your purchase of the course comes with an exam voucher. You must complete the exam within 90 days of your purchase of the course.

  • Location: Proctored online (also available at testing centers)

  • Project Creation (10-15% of exam)

  • Board Configuration (25-35% of exam)

  • Managing Projects (25-35% of exam)

  • Automation (15-20% of exam)

  • Reporting (15-20% of exam)

Download the expanded exam topics and resources guide:

Certification exams are intended to be challenging. Increase your chances of success with careful preparation.

The Managing Jira Projects Cloud course (on-demand or live team training) establishes the foundation of knowledge you will need to pass the exam, but it doesn't cover everything you'll need to know.

Be sure to complete the included Exam Success for comprehensive details on each topic and in-depth preparation.