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In this course, you will learn:

  • How to write JQL that returns the exact issues you need
  • How to use relative and calendar functions
  • How to troubleshoot queries

Conquer JQL and unlock its power for your team

Jira Query Language (JQL) provides the most customized and powerful way to filter and search across your Jira projects. In this course, you'll review the basics of JQL and learn JQL syntax including operators, functions, and keywords to execute these advanced searches.

You’ll level up when you learn the usage of relative and calendar functions, and the rules and caveats of combining them. You will also explore typical use cases and troubleshooting scenarios. Along the way, you'll be presented with certification-style sample questions, to validate what you've learned and help you if you are preparing for an exam.

This course is designed for Jira project administrators, scrum masters, project managers, and team leaders.

Before taking this course, we suggest you understand the basics of Jira as covered in Jira Essentials, Managing Jira Projects, Jira Administration Part 1, or have equivalent experience.


  1. Overview

  2. JQL Syntax

  3. Working with Dates & Times

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Learning Paths

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