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Advanced Asset Management in Jira Service Management

Move beyond asset management basics to put a wealth of context into every Jira ticket – and resolve issues faster.

This advanced course for Jira Administrators will show you how to unlock the full power of Jira Service Management using Assets.

In this course, you will learn the following
  • How to integrate Assets with JSM to help agents process tickets quickly and efficiently

  • How to configure Assets object custom fields to reduce errors and provide vital information on tickets

  • How to use advanced AQL functions, including creating queries that combine AQL and JQL

  • How to configure automation rules based on JSM tickets and Assets custom fields

Once you know the basics of Assets, you’re ready to take it to the next level of asset management.

Yes, you’ll have an easier time tracking company assets. But you’ll also be able to use that information to enhance service requests, incident reports, and other Jira Service Management tickets.

When you have Assets data providing context to your Jira Service Management tickets, you’ll have relevant information at your agent’s fingertips right when they need it for faster solutions.

This advanced Assets course will show you how to manage your Enterprise assets (EAM) and IT assets (ITAM). And take advantage of Asset's CMDB capabilities. You’ll be able to customize Assets for your organization’s resources and processes. You'll also get an introduction to integration options. And learn advanced configurations for data import and synchronization.

Upgrade your knowledge of asset management to enhance the way you work with Jira Service Management.

Experiment without breaking anything

All instructor-led team training (Team Virtual and Team On-site only) includes access to Atlassian University’s unique hands-on labs — a safe, sandbox environment to learn the tools by using them. So you can reinforce your team's training with some muscle memory. You can continue to access labs for 24 hours after classroom time with your instructor.

  • Assets administrators

  • Jira administrators

Before taking this course, we recommend that you:

  • Completed Asset Management Essentials training; or

  • Have experience using Assets; or

  • Completed Jira Administration training

1. Course Overview (15 minutes)

2. Assets Object Custom Fields (60 minutes)
    Learn the highly flexible and customizable Insight fields.

3. Assets Referenced Custom Fields (50 minutes)
    Populate issues with cascading fields that have linked attributes.

4. Advanced AQL Searches (40 minutes)
    Use AQL dot notation to search referenced objects.

5. Advanced Imports (55 minutes)
    Map import data to create the necessary object type connections in the    schema.

6. Using AQL and JQL Together (40 minutes)
    Use AQL directly in Jira’s issue navigator to search for issues based on Assets object custom fields.

7. Automation with Assets Objects and Fields  (60 minutes)
    Automate actions from the Assets data to automatically fill issue fields, send reminders, and more.

8. Advanced Object Configurations (40 minutes)
    Inherit attributes and suppress values you don’t want.

These time estimates come from the instructor-led training course – which includes the lecture, instructor demo time, lab time, and short breaks.

Materials in this course refer to ‘Assets’ previous brand name, ‘Insight’. Not to worry! Nothing else has changed besides the name. All functionality is the same as before. So you’ll get just as much learning out of this course.

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