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Atlassian University Training Credits

Purchase and manage Atlassian team training and certification exams

Training credits are an enterprise-friendly solution for Atlassian University team training and certification exam fees.

Training credits informational quickview

You can use training credits for any team training course at Atlassian University* – either virtual or on-site at your location. You can also use training credits to pay for certification exams.

Training credits are a pre-paid account: each credit is equal to the value of USD $1. But they include added benefits:

  • One point of purchase: Purchase training credits once to allow employees to redeem them as needed.

  • Centralized management: Approve or deny redemptions and view historical usage.

  • 20% bulk discount: Receive a 20% discount when you purchase 20,000 or more training credits.

Training credits guarantee that you have training options throughout the year, even if you haven't planned your training strategy yet, and they’re perfect for your ‘use it or lose it’ quarterly or yearly training budget.

* Training credits cannot be used to purchase DevOps simulation workshops or the Training for Jira marketplace app.

How to purchase training credits

You can purchase training credits two ways: by invoice quote request or through your training credit account owner profile. You can see how to set up and pay from your training credit account owner profile here.

Request a quote to pay by invoice

  1. To get your quote, use this pre-filled link to contact us via Atlassian support ticket.

  2. Once you’re at Atlassian Support, choose training credits under the dropdown for select your reason for contacting us.

  3. In your message, include the amount of training credits you’d like to purchase. Remember that USD $1 = 1 credit. When you purchase 20,000 training credits or more, you’ll get a 20% discount (ex: 20,000 credits costs USD $16,000).

  4. Submit your request! Our support team will be in touch shortly.

Training Credits general FAQ

When do my training credits expire?

Training credits expire one year after they are purchased. The expiration date can be viewed in the admin screen.

Can I get an extension on my training credits?

Training credit extension requests are determined on a case-by-case basis. Raise this request via support ticket here.

How can I get updates about new courses and certifications from Atlassian University?

We announce each new certification and course, including team training and free on-demand courses, on our website and in our monthly newsletter. Make sure you’re subscribed to the newsletter here. You can also check the new & refreshed course topic list for the latest releases. Press +follow to get notified in-platform about new and refreshed courses.

Training Credits terms & conditions

Training credits are prepaid funds used to purchase Atlassian University team training and certification exams available at the Atlassian University website during the eligibility period (defined below). To redeem training credits, you must make your purchase at the Atlassian University website and consume team training and certification exams through Atlassian’s designated platform in accordance with availability timetables. Training credits may not be applied against other purchases and cannot be combined with cash to purchase team training and certification exams. You are responsible for managing your training accounts and for any redemptions made using your accounts. Training credits are applied against Atlassian’s standard training fees at the time of purchase. Training credits expire twelve (12) months from the date that your training credits order is accepted by Atlassian (“eligibility period”), regardless of the actual redemption/usage of credits. Unused training credits do not roll over and are non-transferable, non-creditable, and non-refundable. The cost of one training credit is USD $1. There is a 20% discount for purchases of 20,000 credits or more (ex: 20,000 credits costs USD $16,000).