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  • How to Build Strategic Guidance

    Designed by Atlassian’s top work futurist for leaders across all levels of the organization, this self-paced course from Atlassian University helps you create a compelling strategy and guide your team toward achieving their goals.

    • Duration 30m
    • Beginner
  • Atlassian Cloud Organization Administration Live Team Training

    This intermediate course from Atlassian University will have a live virtual instructor teach your team how to manage user access for your organization and its products – along with creating and managing groups. After taking this course, they’ll also be...

    • Duration 4h
    • Advanced
  • Atlassian Cloud Organization Admin Certification

    Get certified as an Atlassian Cloud Organization Admin. This certification covers the skills you’ll need to configure and manage Atlassian Cloud sites and products to support their organizations. 

    • Duration 8h
    • Advanced
  • How to Shape Effective Teams

    Bring shared understanding to your team! Take this free 30-minute course from Atlassian University to define your team’s purpose, clarify roles and responsibilities, and create healthier communication and relationships — even with a remote team.

    • Duration 30m
    • Beginner
  • Async Collaboration for Distributed Teams

    Learn how to keep your remote teammates connecting and collaborating across time zones. Designed by Atlassian’s work futurists, this free course helps you unlock the power of async collaboration. Get ready for the latest tips, tools, and best practices you...

    • Duration 45m
    • Beginner
  • Atlassian Access Administration

    Easily administer enterprise-level security and authentication controls for users across Atlassian products with Atlassian Access.

    • Path
    • Duration 1.5h
    • Advanced
    • Credential