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Here you’ll find guidance for Training Credit account owner setup, administration, and management.

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Watch the 4-minute quick-start guide to quickly set up and understand your Training Credit account!

Create a Training Credit account

  1. To create a Training Credit account, select Training Credits in the user profile drop down menu.

Note: If you had a Training Credit balance that was migrated from the previous Training Credit system, a Training Credit account was already automatically created for you in the new system. You won’t need to create a new account.

2. Select Create Account.

3. Enter a Training Credits account name if desired (or it will default to your name). Select whether Training Credit redemptions should be approved by the system automatically or if redemptions should be manually reviewed by a designated account owner. Select Create to create the account.

Note: The option to change training credit approval (manual vs. automatic) after an account is created is located under Edit on the next screenshot.

4. All set! Here’s what your Training Credit account will look like:

For training credit purchases $20,000 and over, use code twentyoffTC for 20% off your purchase.

Two ways to purchase Training Credits

You can purchase more Training Credits from your profile or by invoice (through a quote request).

Remember, your training credits expire one year from the purchase date.

How to purchase Training Credits directly from your profile

Great news! Once you have a Training Credit account, you can purchase more Training Credits directly inside your profile.

This form of payment is credit card only.

  1. In your training credits account, select Purchase Training Credits

2. Enter payment + customer information to purchase the training credits.

Note: 1 training credit = $1 USD

3. Training credits that were just purchased will appear in the Training Credit account with a one-year expiration.

To purchase additional training credits, simply select Purchase Refill and confirm payment information.

4. Expiration dates of multiple training credit purchases can be viewed by clicking on the expiration date.

How to purchase Training Credits by invoice

You can also purchase more Training Credits by invoice through a quote request.

  1. To get your quote, use this pre-filled link to contact us via Atlassian support ticket.

  2. Once you’re at Atlassian Support, choose 'Training Credits' under the dropdown for ‘Select your reason for contacting us’:

3. In the message, include the amount of Training Credits you’d like to purchase. Remember that USD $1 = 1 credit. When you purchase 20,000 training credits or more, you’ll get a 20% discount (ex: 20,000 credits costs USD $16,000).

4. Submit your request! Our support team will be in touch shortly.

 Once the purchase process is complete, the training credits will be applied to your account. Training credit administration can be accessed via the training credits tab in your profile.

Distribute credits to your team with the redemption code

Once training credits are purchased, the redemption code can be distributed to designated learners to redeem for training content.

Redemption codes are created from training credit accounts. Only one code per training credit account can be created and shared with end users.

Training Credit redemption approval / denial

As an administrator, you can decide whether you want to automatically or manually approve courses that are redeemed by your team using the redemption code.

Manual approval redemption

  1. If account owner approval is set to be required for training credit redemption, the account owner will receive an email notification when a user attempts to submit the redemption code to purchase a course.

  2. After receiving the email notification, the account owner can approve or deny the request. Select Approve to approve the request.

3. Select Confirm to continue the approval.

4. Once approved, the request will change to an approved status (under the approved filter) and training credits will be deducted from the overall balance.

5. The user will receive an email notification when the redemption request is approved.

Deny redemption

To deny a redemption, select the pending redemption and select Deny.

2. Confirm the denial

3. Once denied, the request will change to a denied status (under the denied filter) and training credits will not be deducted from the overall balance.

4. The user will then receive an email notification that their request was denied.

View Training Credit transactions history

  • 1. To view transaction history, select Transactions.

2. A list of transactions will appear with the option to export to a spreadsheet.

How to add/remove Training Credit account owners

Any additional account owners that are added have the ability to approve/deny training credits redemption requests, purchase additional credits, as well as remove other administrators from the training credit account (including the original account creator).

Each user can only be the owner of one Training Credit account per profile. They cannot be account owner of multiple Training Credit accounts.

  • 1. Insert email address of account owner that should be added to the training credit account and click Add.

2. The new account owner will be added.

How to remove an account owner

To remove an account owner, select Remove.

Training Credit account owner FAQ

How many training credits do I have?

You can view the number of remaining training credits via your administrator’s profile.

  1. Click on your profile picture on the top right

  2. Click ‘My Profile’

  3. Click ‘Training Credits’

  4. View the amount of credits currently owned

Can I assign courses to my team members?

It is not currently possible to assign courses to end users. You can create a redemption code that can be shared to team members for self-signup.

How do team members use the redemption code?

During the checkout process of any order, when selecting a payment, you can choose "Training Credits" as the payment type. Once selected, it will prompt you for the redemption code. Insert the correct redemption code and complete the checkout process to redeem your order:

How can I see what courses my team members are registering for?

Training credit administrators are informed of users requesting training in two ways; UI and email.


From the UI, admins have a default view showing which requests are still pending approval (should the redemption code require manual approval). These requests can be selected for approval or decline.

Approve or decline courses by ticking the box beside the course and selecting the appropriate button. The system will automatically calculate the total amount of credits to be used.

End users are sent an email once the admin approves the course. The email will be in the following format:

Hello ______, Your request to redeem __ training credits for ______ has been approved.

Historical request information can be accessed through the dropdown in the request panel. This allows admins to see previous requests that were approved or denied by admins, or cancelled by end users.


Administrators are also informed of end-user requests via email. An email will be sent to all the administrators linking them back to the portal to approve or decline the course.

Can I invalidate a redemption code and generate a new one?

Redemption codes cannot be invalidated/regenerated by the user. We recommend that you use the 'manually approve' redemption option if you are concerned your code may be compromised.

When do my training credits expire?

Training credits expire one year after they are purchased. The expiration date can be viewed in the admin screen:

What type of reports can I generate? Can I view progress / completions status of the training in a dashboard?

This functionality is not currently available.

Can I send reminder emails when a person / team is not active?

This functionality is not currently available.

How do I get updated when a new course is available from Atlassian University?

Each new course is sent as an announcement notification in the platform and highlighted in our monthly newsletter. Make sure you’re subscribed to the newsletter here. You can also check the New & Refreshed courses topic anytime for the latest releases. Press ‘+Follow’ to get notified in-platform about New & Refreshed courses.

Can I get an extension on my training credits?

Training credit extension requests are determined on a case-by-case basis. Raise this request via support ticket here.