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Prove you understand Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) concepts and terminology and how Jira Service Management, Confluence, Assets, Statuspage, and Automation solutions support ITSM practices.

This foundational exam covers the features in these products, but does not include information about configurations or details on integration steps.

Build your certification stack as you build skills

Atlassian Certified Associate is a new certification tier that helps you get credentialed as soon as you become skilled in Atlassian products and solutions. Designed for beginner to intermediate learners, this entry-point validation is affordable and quick to earn – while still allowing you to earn Atlassian's global recognition. Build your certification stack around the skills most relevant to your work.

Training credits can be used to purchase vouchers for this exam.

In 2021 surveys, 73% of Atlassian Certified Professionals reported credentials increased their job prospects
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Get certified in ITSM with Jira Service Management Foundations

Training credits can be used to purchase vouchers for this exam.